ESX 3.5 or 3i - too much choice?

With a planned upgrade to 3.5, and the knowledge that 3i is the future, how close can you get to that future - now? Not close enough it would seem, checkout the HCL for 3i and the list of supported systems is pretty slim - a handful of servers, pretty much one from each vendor. Clearly as things move on, 3i in the box will become the 'norm' - however, for companies seeking to make the best out of the kit they have and upgrade, the idea that 3i may be available sometime soon for a USB upgrade to their blades/servers is I think somewhat on the hopeful side. Blades maybe, but retrofitting 1/2/3 year old servers - I doubt it for two reasons, 1) the footprint is very small, expanding hardware support backwards surely cant be desirable, 2) would it really be desirable to have a plethora of systems which would not enable VMotion between hosts due to hardware differences. The way to go for 3i, has got to be for the future - to standardise across the board - 3.5 big foot with the service console is basically for legacy support. For now, 3.5 is winning - shame!