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Ultimate Deployment Appliance (UDA 1.4) and ESX 3.5 [updated]

Updated the 'Ultimate Deployment Appliance (UDA 1.4) and ESX 3.5' article in the 'Tech Tips' section to include the vSwitch config and the unsupported vmotion configuration during a scripted install. How VMware would know the config was done during a scripted install, who knows! Just don't tell them!!

Tech Tips section

Added for few technical articles over the past week or so - have to too busy to manage much else; but this new section is there now, acesible from the menu at the top of the News Site - 'Tech Tips' and you guessed it, its where the Furoris Tech Tips are! They are they as much for us as the rest of the community, enjoy.

P2V - Solaris x86 and Linux workloads

We virtualised more non-Windows physical servers last week - the more Unix/Linux hosts we virtualise, the more the strategy is reinforced; there is no straightforward process that works for every flavour of Linux/Unix currently supported by VMware as a Guest OS.

For example, a while back we P2V'd some Scientific Linux servers, and despite not being officially named on the 'Guest OS' guide, they are basically Red Hat - they even look like Red Hat, the servers run fine. How we P2Vd them, for one reason or another was not straight forward.

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