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ESX 3.5 (standalone) - Patching in a nutshell

For those wanting to patch 1 or 2 ESX 3.5 hosts, without the luxury of Virtual Centre and Update Manager etc.

  • Download all the ESX350-YYYYMMxxx-xx.zip files AND equally importantly, the latest ESX-3.5.0-contents.zip from the VMware web site.
  • Expand all the files to the following hierarchy:


ESX 3.5 or 3i - too much choice?

With a planned upgrade to 3.5, and the knowledge that 3i is the future, how close can you get to that future - now? Not close enough it would seem, checkout the HCL for 3i and the list of supported systems is pretty slim - a handful of servers, pretty much one from each vendor. Clearly as things move on, 3i in the box will become the 'norm' - however, for companies seeking to make the best out of the kit they have and upgrade, the idea that 3i may be available sometime soon for a USB upgrade to their blades/servers is I think somewhat on the hopeful side.

VMware Lifecycle Manager available from April 1st

VMware Lifecycle Manager Now GA - VMware Lifecycle Manager is Now Generally Available as of April 1, 2008 VMware Lifecycle Manager is a new product offering from VMware and part of VMware’s portfolio of management and automation solutions. Its goal is to help companies incorporate best... VMware Partner Team [VMware Partner News]

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