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Tech Tips section

Added for few technical articles over the past week or so - have to too busy to manage much else; but this new section is there now, acesible from the menu at the top of the News Site - 'Tech Tips' and you guessed it, its where the Furoris Tech Tips are! They are they as much for us as the rest of the community, enjoy.

VMware Lifecycle Manager available from April 1st

VMware Lifecycle Manager Now GA - VMware Lifecycle Manager is Now Generally Available as of April 1, 2008 VMware Lifecycle Manager is a new product offering from VMware and part of VMware’s portfolio of management and automation solutions. Its goal is to help companies incorporate best... VMware Partner Team [VMware Partner News]

VMware - TCO / ROI for VMware Virtualisation

Achieve savings by using the TCO calculator. This 2nd generation calculator covers VI, VDI and Lab Manager. If you need help quantifying just how much a Virtualisation Consolidation or VDI project will save over a number of years - this is the tool for you. Stop struggling to estimate costs, go with a proven tool: Click here.

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