Furoris training

As an Apple Certified Trainer (ACT), Furoris can lead Apple certified OS X technical and application training courses, at a number of Apple Authorised Training Centres (AATC's) throughout the UK or at individual client's sites.

Apple Certified Trainers are approved by Apple and have been individually assessed to ensure we possess significant technical ability and genuine real world experience.

We can tailor application and technical training to your individual needs, in a one-to-one or classroom setting; or through our consulting services mentor you through any technical issues or best practice.

Make sure your trainer or consultant has the appropriate qualifications - ask!

Apple Certified technical courses:
Mac OS X Support Essentials
Mac OS X Server Essentials
Mac OS X Integration Basics
Mac OS X Deployment

Apple Certified application courses:

Furoris courses:

Introduction to Mac OS X
Introduction to Life
Introduction to iWork
OS X Maintenance and best practice
Sharing content, iPad, iPhone, iPod and more
Apple Remote Desktop
Mac support for Windows technicians
iMovie for beginners
Active Directory Integration
Virtualisation - configuration and maintenance

Furoris tailored training:
Our bespoke courses are built entirely
around your individual requirements.
Contact us to find out more.

Software Update
System Preferences
Server Admin
Workgroup Manager
Remote Desktop
iWork Numbers
iWork Pages